Air Texturised Yarn (ATY)

ATY is also called spun-like yarn. Owing to hairy feeling like natural cotton, it is also called cotton-like yarn. Polyester Filament ATY is lightweight, wear resistant, easy to clean and quick dry. The material of our Air Textured Yarn is 100% polyester. ATY can offer entirely different look and hand to any fabric. It can be used in very broad range of fabrics from simple lightweight fabric to very heavy-duty soft luggage fabric. Several filament yarns can be mixed to construct the ideal ATY for a specific end use. ATY is a rather expensive yarn if the denier is low. But, course deniers can be compared to competitive spun yarns and very favourable.

ATY yarn is made from POY. It is a yarn with zillions of small loops, which give it a distinct feeling and look whereas DTY is a yarn with preferably no loops at all. The loops in ATY contributes to the bulk and loft of a fabric, whereas in DTY, the even crimp in every filament creates the bulk and volume of a fabric.


  • ATY is produced on the latest high-speed draw texturising machines with identical capability.
  • It is mainly micro multifilament of 100 through 2800 denier in various choices.
  • Suitable for fabric of duty soft luggage, lightweight swimwear, carpet yarns, sneakers etc.


ATY is suitable for fabric, which has end use like fashion apparel, sports wears, beach shorts, casual jackets, sneakers etc.

We offer wide range of fine denier Yarn in Nylon and Polyester

Sruti Group is a pioneer in developing a large number of blends and shades to meet the ever changing requirement of its customers.