Polyester Yarn 30/1

Our organization is capable of fabricating an excellent quality range of Polyester Yarn 30/1. It has been used in warfing of normal looms, air jet looms and water jet looms. Fabricated using optimum quality basic material. This Polyester Yarn 30/1 is available at most competitive price. We produce Polyester Yarn 30/1, in Semi Dull, Dope Dyed, and Bright Luster.

The basic advantage of the Polyester Yarn 30/1 is that, weaving of the yarn is possible without twisting or intermingling of textures yarn. Usage of twisting machine gets eliminated.

Presenting a range of high quality polyester textured yarn from fresh running production of regular sorts. The single lot of wholesale yarn are available in various colors.

  • Product : Polyester Yarn 30/1 Dyed
  • Color : Wide range of colors
  • Grade : AA Export Grade


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